Eddies getting big boost with return of their captain

Jason Hills
FC Edmonton Communications

EDMONTON — This isn’t how Shamit Shome envisioned his first season as captain of FC Edmonton would begin.
The 24-year-old, midfielder from Edmonton was named captain of his hometown team this year, but has been forced out of the lineup due to injury for the majority of the season, so far.
Shome started in the season opener, but then missed the next four matches before returning at home against Cavalry FC on May 6.
Shome missed the last two matches after suffering another injury in his return, but thankfully the captain will be back in the lineup today (Sunday), when the Eddies host Atletico Ottawa at Clarke Stadium (2 p.m.).
Shome’s absence from the lineup has had an impact on the Eddies. With such a young and inexperienced squad in place, it doesn’t take long to feel the void left without Shome on the pitch during matches and training sessions.

“Not having Sham around is a major hole for us. Even though he’s still a young player, he’s had some fantastic experiences in this game,” said FC Edmonton head coach Alan Koch.
“For someone who has that experience as well as that personal maturity and leadership, not having him on the pitch has been a major void.”

The one positive in the absence of Shome has been the opportunity it’s given the likes of Simon Triatafillou and Mamadi Camara to play a bigger role with the club. Adding Shome back into the midfield will only make the Eddies stronger.
Despite the injuries keeping Shome off the pitch, the veteran has certainly made his presence felt within the locker room, encouraging his teammates, and offering advice when called upon.
Whether he’s taking part in drills, or doing light workouts on the sidelines, Shome’s voice can always be heard during Eddies training sessions.

“I know the guys are putting in their best effort. When I’m not on the field, and I’m not there, I just want to try and help them any way I can,” said Shome.
“I’m really proud of the way we’re playing right now. Things aren’t going our way, but I feel like that tide will turn. We just have to keep our head down and keep working.
“We can’t let our foot off the gas pedal in training. We have to stay positive and keep pushing through, and I know we can turn our season around.”

Shome doesn’t take his captaincy lightly. He wants nothing more than to be able to make an impact on and off the pitch, with the team he grew up watching.

“It’s an honour for me. I’m from Edmonton, and to have that role with this team and this group, it shows Alan trusts me, but I want to do more,” said Shome.
“I want to be that leader on the field, and not being able to train with the guys during times in my recovery is tough. It’s not the same, but I’m excited to get back out there.”