#FanFriday – Noah Feraco

Sometimes the best way to find out if you enjoy something or not is simply to give it a shot. Noah Feraco is the perfect example of this.

The MacEwan University student played soccer as a youngster, but gave it up around Grade 5 to focus on hockey and baseball instead.

Feraco recalls watching the 2006 World Cup, and enjoying soccer at that time. It certainly helps when the team you are rooting for wins the title.

“My dad’s parents came over from Italy, so my dad was a really big Italy fan,” Feraco recalls. “The final was a really impressive game.”

However, Feraco’s enjoyment of soccer waned in the following couple of years, even turning to a dislike of the sport. In 2017, he decided to give the game another shot, and that was all Feraco needed to fall right back in love.

“I decided that if I really do hate this so much, I’m gonna go watch a game live, and if I still don’t like it, I can justify it,” says Feraco. “What really enamoured me was the passion of the FC Edmonton supporters.”

“No matter what was happening in the game, they were chanting, jumping around, banging drums, and really built an atmosphere that I loved.”

That was a 1-1 draw against the New York Cosmos during the Fall Season of the final NASL campaign for FC Edmonton. Feraco then went to every home match for the remainder of the year. When he fell back in love with the game, Feraco fell hard.

Speaking at city council on behalf of the club, Feraco delivered a passionate speech about how soccer is vital to Edmonton, particularly for new Canadians. He spoke about Alphonso Davies, how the game made his life in a new country easier, and gave him a sense of comfort and home.

“I believe soccer is a very important building block to a community,” explains Feraco. “Losing a soccer team would be disastrous to the city of Edmonton.”

Feraco says he really got to know many of the folks in the supporters group during the spring edition of the Al Classico, adding it was very easy to get involved and become a part of the group.

“As long as you love the Eddies, they will welcome you with open arms,” says Feraco.

After rediscovering his passion for soccer in the past year and a bit, Feraco says his next goal is to help grow the crowds at Clarke Stadium, perhaps influencing others the way he was.

“I’m trying to bring some of my friends who, like me, maybe don’t like the sport,” says Feraco. “I’m really hoping they can come out to a few games, especially against Calgary, and we can show them why soccer is like no other sport in the world.”

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