FC Edmonton Announces Partnership with The Bridge Advanced Sports Therapy and SPARK Sport Conditioning
















FC Edmonton is pleased to announce a partnership with The Bridge Advanced Sports Therapy & SPARK Sport Conditioning. The facility on the second floor of the Kinsmen Twin Arenas will provide the club a number of services as part of FC Edmonton’s focus on sport science.

Opened in January 2018, this is the second location of The Bridge to open, with the first being in Sherwood Park in 2015. The partnership between The Bridge and SPARK Sport Conditioning provides an all-in-one experience for FC Edmonton players.

“We have a facility where we can keep everything under one roof for the guys – treatment, recovery, strength and conditioning, massage, chiropractic, nutrition – it’s all housed in one location, which is beneficial for both sides,” explained The Bridge Co-Owner and FC Edmonton Head Physiotherapist Scott Gilroy.

“I think when you look at what The Bridge is going to offer us, it’s the full sport science program,” said FC Edmonton Head Coach and Director of Soccer Operations Jeff Paulus. “One of our goals is to make our players better individually, and helping with this side of the game is one way to do that.”

FC Edmonton is using the facility to begin training camp, as medicals and fitness testing are both taking place at The Bridge. Kim Layton, owner of SPARK, has experience working with a number of professional sports teams, including the Oilers and Eskimos, and is eager to see where the players stand prior to taking the pitch.

“The fitness testing will definitely be the kicker,” said the FC Edmonton Strength and Conditioning Coach. “This will allow us to create an in-season program that is conducive to them getting better.”

“We’ve got to make sure they are fresh and ready to go for games, while still challenging them and ensuring they are improving on the strength and conditioning side.”

(Photo courtesy The Bridge Advanced Sports Therapy)
(Photo courtesy The Bridge Advanced Sports Therapy)

Gilroy has plenty of experience in soccer, having played for the University of Alberta for five seasons – captaining the Golden Bears for three of them – while earning his degree in Kinesiology. The Edmonton native returned to the U of A for his Physiotherapy degree, and is familiar with many of the current Eddies.

“I know a lot of the guys from playing with them, playing against them, or doing their treatment,” said Gilroy.

“Scott played university football, so he knows the game, what these players will go through and what muscles will break down first,” suggested Paulus. “He’s experienced it all himself.”

The hope for the club is that this partnership gives the team a slight edge throughout the season.

“For me it’s marginal gains,” Paulus described. “What can we do that’s a little bit different, what can we add to the program to give the players a chance to succeed?”

“It’s going to give all of the guys large steps forward in terms of their own personal health and the overall health of the team,” Gilroy said. “Hopefully we’ll be able to reduce the number of man-games lost.”

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