FC Edmonton Partners with Shift Psych


FC Edmonton has secured a partnership with Shift Psych for the 2021 season. Shift provides a sports therapy experience that aims to get to the root of their clients’ concerns using a carefully crafted structured, directive and results-driven method. They provide psychological therapy for anyone looking to improve their lives, whether they are dealing with a clinical concern like depression, or experiencing challenges in such areas as parenting, or work-life balance.

“The sports psychology element of the game is an important building block to develop the best athletes possible”, said Alan Koch, FC Edmonton Head Coach. “The players are human beings first, and footballers second. We need to ensure that we are taking care of their physical and mental health, and our partnership with Shift allows us to expose the players to the power of the mind. This will hopefully help our players to maximize their abilities on and off the field.”

“Working with FC and having an opportunity to speak directly with the athletes has been great. A key factor in athletic performance is your mind; you need to focus on it just as much as you would on your body if you want to be a successful athlete.” – Aaron Jensen, Shift Psych

“Being an athlete is much more comprehensive than maintaining physical and technical fitness”, said Connor James, Goalkeeper with FC Edmonton. “Psychology plays an instrumental role in performing to the best of our abilities, and the team at Shift Psychological has made us conscious of the importance of our mental fitness. Shift discussed a few key tools that we can use to help understand and combat our limiting beliefs, and I look forward to using these tools to further develop myself as an athlete and a person.”

Shift Psych helps individuals in Edmonton and Calgary, and virtually across Alberta with stress and anger management, anxiety, depression, work-life balance, trauma and PTSD, relationship challenges and more. Shift will soon be providing virtual services across British Columbia.

Shift Psych’s method is steeped in scientifically proven modalities. When creating Shift, they considered every hurdle, irritation and challenges the therapy-seeking client experiences. They built a brand and experience that flips the stigma about mental health. They built a protocol that seeks to address the root of the client’s concern and produces results.

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