FEATURE: KidSport Edmonton

“Getting these kids into sport, it’s such a game-changer for them.”

Dayna Hyman, executive director with KidSport Edmonton, has been in the KidSport family for the past 5 years, both in Calgary and currently here in Edmonton. She has seen the positive effect sport can have on vulnerable kids when they are given the opportunity to play. That’s the goal of KidSport, a non-profit organization which provides registration fee assistance to break down the financial barriers that struggling families face when trying to access sport programs for their kids.

“At KidSport, we believe that your socioeconomic status should not determine what crucial childhood experiences a kid has access to. Sport is such a powerful tool to teach kids endless lessons that will impact them today, tomorrow, and 25 years down the road,” Hyman explains.

Soccer is one of KidSport’s most funded sports out of the 40 they help provide access to, with approximately one-third of the organization’s annual budget going towards the most popular sport in the world.

“Numbers show us that soccer is the most popular sport in our country, and following suit, it’s the most played sport for KidSport kids,” Hyman says.

FC Edmonton has worked with KidSport Edmonton in the past by providing tickets to matches, giving families an opportunity to check out professional sport up close and personal.

“FC Edmonton has provided KidSport families with access to games, providing the entire family with an experience they wouldn’t otherwise have. What a nice opportunity to offer our KidSport families, we’re looking forward to continuing the partnership with FC Edmonton and creating more impact on vulnerable Edmontonian kids and their families in the soccer world.” Hyman says

“FC Edmonton is proud to partner with KidSport,” says FC Edmonton General Manager Jay Ball. “It’s a wonderful organization that makes a massive impact on the lives of our local youth, which is something we strive to do as well. We look forward to continuing our work with KidSport and other organizations that make positive contributions in our community.”

Girl Soccer

“There are so many parts about my job and this organization that I love, but one of my favourite parts is seeing the kids we helped in the past come back and support the organization today,” says Hyman, recalling an event where a volunteer approached her to share her story. The reason behind her volunteering was because she received a scholarship to go to university, and if it wasn’t for KidSport helping her access soccer as a kid, she would have never had the opportunity to consider university.

“That is the power of sport. That is the impact the donors have on the vulnerable kids in our community,” Hyman states.

KidSport relies on donor contributions, and has seen the need for the program increase by about 20 percent each year since 2015. Are you interested in supporting local, vulnerable kids access sport? For more information about KidSport Edmonton, please head to their website.

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