Masta Kacher proving to be a great role model for young Eddies to learn from
FC Edmonton midfielder Masta Kacher is making the most of his opportunity to be a leader on a young Eddies squad this season. HFX WANDERERS PHOTO
FC Edmonton midfielder Masta Kacher is making the most of his opportunity to be a leader on a young Eddies squad this season. TREVOR MACMILLAN PHOTO

Jason Hills
FC Edmonton Communications

EDMONTON — He’s trained with and played against a soccer legend like Didier Drogba, while many of his FC Edmonton teammates were just starting to take the game seriously.
His 132 professional caps over his eight-year career are more than almost the entire FC Edmonton roster, combined this season.
He’s had many valuable experiences on and off the pitch throughout his soccer journey, but this is his first real opportunity to show his leadership, and Masta Kacher is embracing it.

“I’ve taken it as a challenge for me, and I embrace it as much as I can. I’m working on it every day to be a strong leader for this club,” said Kacher.
“I show up and be ready to work every single day and take pride in my training and pride in my work ethic. That’s the best way for me to show it and be a good example for your guys to learn from.”

Kacher has started three matches this season, and has also played a role off the bench. He’s scored one goal,  in a 1-1 draw against York United FC, earlier this year.
The 26-year-old is the oldest player on the Eddies roster, and while he’s had some valuable experiences along his soccer journey he can pass down to his younger teammates, he’s also learning and growing as a player too. He’s essentially on the cusp of the prime of his career.

“Now, that he’s getting a bit older, and he hasn’t even reached his peak age yet as a footballer, I think one of the positive byproducts of him being in this club in this situation, we need him to be a leader. He’s a vital part of our leadership group,” said FC Edmonton head coach Alan Koch.
“He shows (his leadership) through his actions on the field that he can be a leader, and the players listen to him. The young players have a lot of respect for him. He plays a major role for this team.”

Kacher was born in Azazga, Algeria and he and his family moved to Montreal when he was just seven-year-old.
His father played semi professional soccer and both his parents were teachers. He grew up playing the game, with his father as his coach, and at the age of 13, he joined the CF Montreal Academy.

“I remember, we came to Canada on Apr.22, and my youngest brother was born two days later. It was pretty crazy,” said Kacher.
“But we had a really warm welcome when we first moved to Canada. Our family was really able to settle in nicely, and we all consider Canada home.”

Kacher turned pro at 18, and went on to make 36 appearances for CF Montreal before playing for three more United Soccer League teams, the Colorado Springs Switchbacks, Real Monarchs and Saint Louis FC.
Last year, he played with Valour FC, but missed a good portion of the season with a serious quad injury.
Kacher feels the opportunity he’s been given now with FC Edmonton, will give him a chance to leave his imprint on the club.
The Eddies are still searching for their first win of the 2022 campaign, and are 0-3-4 to begin the season.

“I’ve been through some tough moments, and good ones too, but at the end of the day it’s what you’re accomplishing in the moment,” said Kacher.
“With everything we’ve been though this off-season, my goal is to help turn this team around. Get our first win and continue to build off of it.”

With FC Edmonton under league ownership, the club has faced many changes throughout the off-season and into the early stages of the season.
Kacher knows they will be underdogs all year long, but he wants to do his part in instilling a belief within his teammates that they can build a winning culture, and regardless of the challenges that face the team, they will bring a blue collar effort each and every match.

“To be part of this challenge is special. We know what we’re up against, and it hasn’t been easy,” said Kacher.
“My whole focus is to show up every day. and stay positive and show belief. One guy can’t believe it’s all going to turn around. One coach can’t do it. It has to be all of us. We all have to have that belief to make it possible.”

Koch knows Kacher’s experience will pay large dividends as the season wears on. No matter what role Kacher plays on the team each and every match — he will be looked upon as a core leader of this group.

“He’s a fantastic role model for all our young players,” said Kacher.
“He does what he has to do before our sessions, he does what he has to do after our sessions, and with a lot of young players trying to find their way in this profession, it’s good to have someone like Masta show them the way.”


Masta Kacher has been someone the young players on FC Edmonton can lean on for advice. JASON HILLS PHOTO
Masta Kacher has been someone the young players on FC Edmonton can lean on for advice. JASON HILLS PHOTO