Six Tennants return for the 2020 FC Edmonton season

In 1996, Matthew Tennant and his wife Jill made the move to Edmonton from Vancouver and have called this city their home ever since. Now, 23 years later, they have found a new home within the city and it’s FC Edmonton and Clarke Stadium

The Tennant household is one that is filled with soccer fans. Their twins, Jack and Kate, both play soccer for the U13 Laurier Heights boys community team. This past season, they won the outdoor city championships and the tier four inter-cities in the previous season.

Their first experience FC Edmonton experience came in 2018 when they attended the first installment of Al-Classico, which took place during the springtime. Shortly after, Tennant had a memorable experience at a Coaches Boot Room, which led to him buying six season tickets for the inaugural Canadian Premier League season (CPL).

“I am the assistant coach for my kids’ community soccer team Laurier Heights FC and I attended a coaching session put on by FC Edmonton,” Tennant said. “I met the Fath brothers and was impressed that they were supporting community involvement in Edmonton. I felt that the least I could do would be to support Edmonton FC with a season ticket purchase to take my family and two friends.”


With season tickets renewals underway, the Tennant’s were one of the first families to renew their seats for the 2020 CPL Season. The decision for them was a no brainer.

“Season tickets are a great value that provides a great soccer experience,” Tennant said. “When my family is not able to attend a game I am able to give tickets away to my employees at the office, learners at the University or players on my kid’s soccer team.”

“We as a country need to do more to support soccer,” Tennant added. “We have great talent and need to do a better job of strengthening our young players to be competitive on an international stage.”

There are many prizes fans can win for renewing their season tickets before the end of October. For the Tennants, they won a free upgrade on seats for next year.

“What luck we have,” Tennant added.  We had been looking across the field and thinking of how comfortable the seats might be. We are excited to sit in the sun in comfort next season!”

The 2019 season was a memorable one for the Tennant family. From the atmosphere, the River Valley Vanguard creates, to the memorable saves and goal, the Tennant’s hope to see more of the same next season.

“We hope to see more wins from the Eddies and more great goals on the opposition and great

saves by Conor James,” Tennant said. “James is our favourite because he is a local kid who played at the University of Alberta, a place where I work as well. We really enjoyed listening to the supporter groups sing their songs and bang on the drums behind the net.”

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