Technical Philosophy

There’s a commonality among Edmontonians when it comes to sports. People in the Alberta capital want honesty, effort, courage, and a never-say-die mentality. FC Edmonton’s on-field history supports those virtues. This is the rally identity.

When youth club technical directors were asked about the characteristics among Northern Alberta soccer players, a common theme was “toughness.” Edmonton – and Alberta teams in general – are difficult opponents. They’re not divers. The emphasis is firmly placed on competing and winning, not tricking the referee into calls.

Over the course of FC Edmonton’s Academy programs, keeping those values clearly in mind has helped discover and develop several players with incredible potential, all of whom are proud to represent the FC Edmonton badge. As the Club’s Academy teams develop, they’ll continue to nurture those “Made in Edmonton” traits that are the continuing hallmark of FCE. Tough. Determined. Edmontonian. Those will be the key benchmarks for FCE’s identity going forward.