Dylon Powley Ready for Hometown Club

Dylon Powley is thrilled to sign a contract with his hometown club. The 22 year old goalkeeper says it’s hard to describe what it’s like to be able to play for FC Edmonton.

“It is a mix of surreal, excitement, and nerves all in one cluster of emotions, but it is something that I have dreamed about for a long time,” Powley explained.

Like many players, Powley didn’t necessarily have dreams of wearing the gloves at a professional level. Starting as an outfield player, Powley says he was pressed into action in net as a youngster and hasn’t looked back.

“There was a small stretch of games when one of the keepers on my team was on vacation with his family and the other was injured, so naturally, the coach put the pudgiest kid from the bench into the goal,” Powley chuckled.

While his teammate between the sticks, Connor James, took a fairly straight road to playing for the Eddies, Powley has done a bit of travelling to wind up at the same destination. After spending time with the MacEwan University Griffins, Powley played for Calgary Foothills FC of the Premier Development League before heading overseas to join Swedish club FC Gute.

Powley played at FC Gute in Sweden in 2017-18 (Dylon Powley)
Powley played at FC Gute in Sweden in 2017-18 (Dylon Powley)

“My experience in Sweden was amazing,” Powley recalled. “Aside from learning more about soccer every single day, I learned a lot about myself as a person, and what I am willing to invest into making my dream a reality.”

“It was difficult being away from friends and family, but looking back on it, I am happy that it was something I got to experience.”

Being the same age, Powley and James are quite familiar with one another, having played together on provincial teams, while squaring off at the youth and university levels. This has created a friendly rivalry of sorts that will carry over to their new club.

“Connor and I have known each other since we were 13, and have had a healthy competitive relationship since then,” Powley said. “Both of us want to be the number 1, and it is that drive that will make us push each other to our limits.”

“No matter who ends up playing the majority of games, we both know it is more about the team’s well-being than individual egos.”

Dylon Powley kicks a ball during the Al Classico exhibition series in Calgary
Dylon Powley kicks a ball during the Al Classico exhibition series in Calgary

Both keepers will now learn from one of perhaps one of the best keepers Canada has ever produced, Lars Hirschfeld, as the former international has been named the club’s Goalkeeper Coach. The magnitude of this opportunity is not lost on Powley.

“Lars is someone whose resume speaks for itself,” said Powley “I truly believe Connor and I are lucky to have someone who has seen the game through so many lenses at different levels, including the national team.”

“I am excited to get to work with him and don’t think there are many others in the country more qualified than he is.”

Now that pen has been put to paper, Powley is anxiously awaiting the start of training camp in March, and the inaugural Canadian Premier League season kick-off in April.

“There are so many things to look forward to, but I think one of the things I am looking forward to the most is the chance to be a part of something the city and country got behind to make possible.” Powley described. “If not for the fans and our amazing ownership group believing in this club, I could honestly say I don’t know where my soccer journey would have taken me this year, and so for that, thank you.”

FC Edmonton is a proud member of the Canadian Premier League, kicking off in April of 2019. For season ticket information, head to our website –