FC Edmonton: Emblem Story

The FC Edmonton emblem originates from the City of Edmonton Coat of Arms. A symbol of our history, courage and strength.

The City of Edmonton Coat of Arms was granted on October 8, 1995. Each element reflects the city’s motto –  industry, integrity and progress. The top of the shield inspires the blue sky of the Prairies against the North Saskatchewan River represented in the lower part of the shield. Many will feel welcomed by the prairie blue sky and sunny days as they explore Alberta’s prairies. The North Saskatchewan River is a majestic and beautiful river that winds northeast through Edmonton. It also floats across Alberta and Saskatchewan to Lake Winnipeg, into the Nelson River and eventually into the Hudson Bay. Many residents and visitors use the river and river valley for recreation activities including canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing, fishing and more.

The rabbit footprints are in tribute to the club’s Rally Rabbit, FC Edmonton’s visitor and symbol of good luck. It all happened on a sunny Sunday afternoon in late June when FC Edmonton faced the Montreal Impact at Foote Field, the club’s home for that 2011 season. In the opening minutes, a rabbit entered the pitch, and planted itself right in front of the Impact net. Several attempts were made to chase it away, but the elusive bunny proved to be a tricky opponent, much to the delight of the crowd. Shortly after, Kyle Porter scored, and the Eddies ended up winning the game 1-0. The legend of the Rally Rabbit was born.

The vision behind our name comes from three main pillars; Family, Courage and Energy. Family is a nod to the Fath family and the soccer community we are creating. Courage is about coming back, restarting and never giving up energy comes from the power of our youth, the future of our city.

Our club colours are inspired by the beautiful blue skies of Northern Alberta and the proud people who live under it. The flow of the North Saskatchewan River, as it winds down from the mountains each spring, pushes away the sediment of the winter run-off leaving a clear line through the city and sparking the club’s primary colour, River City Navy. The area of blue in the big sky as the sun fades away for the night says Edmonton owns blue. It’s the inspiration for the Prairie Blue Sky.

Capturing the imagination of FC Edmonton fans, the club has embraced their mascot with it’s third primary colour, White Rabbit.

RALLYEG together for our club