Player’s voice: Letters from FC Edmonton’s first signings

Dear fans,

When I put on our jersey for the first time it will be one of the happiest moments of my life.

Throughout my career, I’ve always tried to lead by example. I let my football do the talking.

Our supporters should expect a lot of speed and a lot of technique going forward.

They should also expect a winner’s mentality. I’ve got one.

I want to score a lot of goals, of course. But more than that, I’m hoping that our team does well for this city. Edmonton deserves it.

We’ve been waiting for something like this; A league that’s real and belongs to Canada.

I’m so excited to play in front of our fans, my friends and my family.

Truly, words can’t describe it.

I promise to work hard and fight to the end. If we’re losing, I will not give up.

If I’m on the field, you’ll get my best effort, no matter what.

You can rely on me for that.

Randy Edwini-Bonsu

Zebie letter
Allan Zebie, FC Edmonton.

Dear fans,

My position isn’t the most glamorous.

But those crunching tackles? Those interceptions?

They help win games.

That’s what I’m bringing to FC Edmonton.

I’ll do the dirty work. You can count on it.

I’ll always play hard because it’s all I know.

I want to give back to the fans, too.

When our club was on the brink, the fans expressed their love and support for the game and for our club. They really saved us. I really appreciated that.

We heard that, and now we want to give back to them the same passion they showed for us.

I’ve overcome injuries, returned to a club I love, and I’m excited to get started once again.

I promise to help this team as much as possible in this new adventure.

I also promise we’ll try to beat Cavalry FC as much as possible.

Let’s go conquer Canada.

Allan Zebie

This is about the Canadian Premier League and about Canadians in general.

When you think of the appetite and thirst for knowledge about these initial players and what our teams will look and feel like, this is massive. As I like to put it, this will help show what the DNA of our league will look like.

One of the top questions I’ve received is “Will there be young men from our regions playing on our teams?” Another big question from fans is “Will they be Canadians?” And the answer to both is a resounding yes. These guys are here because they want to play in this league. They’ve embraced the honour of playing coast-to-coast in Canada.

For me, they will forever be linked to the Canadian Premier League.

– David Clanachan, CPL Commissioner.