It’s time to summon our hero.

We want our beloved FC Edmonton back. The supporters are rallying, but it may not be enough. To bring our club to the CPL, we need our four legged hero. It's time to summon the Rally Rabbit, the hero who brought us victory before. It was June 26, 2011 at Foote Field when the legend was born and our “long-eared-ally" helped the Eddies defeat those arch villains from Montreal. We were down 3-0 at half time in a most crucial game, then destiny took over… he hopped the fence, ran onto the field and we won. You don't argue with fate. Sometimes you create your own, and sometimes it just appears, even if it's a Northern Prairie Jackalope.

It’s time for Edmonton soccer fans to rally with us. Talk isn't enough. Hope isnt enough. It's time to mobilize. The Rally Rabbit will be the symbol we shine in the sky and on our buildings. Its time to summon our hero, for our next great comeback. We know this city. We love this city. We don’t give up, we get up. We are resilient. We can accept our fate... or fight for a better one. It’s time for professional soccer to find it’s rightful place in the history of this city.

The Fath brothers have stated that they need to be convinced the fans will be there for the CPL in Edmonton. Let's rally and show our commitment to make the team sustainable and get FC Edmonton back. The Rally Rabbit will be the symbol of one greatest sports comebacks in the history of Edmonton.

Join the movement! If we're going to defend Edmonton against the rival forces from other cities, we need you to help us bring the Rally Rabbit back!

Ready to Support FC Edmonton?

Make your commitment to bring professional soccer back to Edmonton in the new Canadian Premier League!

Each FC Edmonton membership is just $40 per individual and will reserve you one (1) 2019 season seat for the inaugural 2019 Canadian Premier League Season. Final season seat pricing/options TBD later in summer 2018. Each commitment is fully refundable. Fans who make commitments will recieve a membership number with priority access to season seat locations prior to the general public in late summer of 2018.

Benefits of an FC Edmonton membership include significant savings off merchandise, additional tickets, access to member-only events and so much more. More details to be released soon.