Emblem Inspiration

Inspiration of Crest

The shape of the shield is derived from the City of Edmonton Coat of Arms. A symbol of our history and strength.

The top of the shield evokes the blue sky of the Prairies against the North Saskatchewan River represented in the lower segment of the shield.

The rabbit footprints are in tribute to the club’s infamous Rally Rabbit, FC Edmonton’s sporadic visitor and their symbol of good luck.

Family – A nod to Fath family and the soccer family we are creating.

Courage – The Courage to come back, restart and to never give up.

Energy – The power of our youth, the future of our city.

Inspiration of Colours

Prairie Blue Sky

River City Navy

White Rabbit

From the Beautiful blue skies of Northern Alberta to the proud blue collar people who live under it, Edmonton is Blue. The flow of the North Saskatchewan River, as it winds its way down from the mountains each spring, pushes away the sediment of the winter run-off leaving a clear blue line through the Heart City and spurring the club’s primary colour, River City Navy. The spectrum of blue in that big sky as the sun fades away for the night tells us Edmonton owns blue. This is the inspiration for the Prairie Blue Sky.

From the moment it stepped onto the field in 2011 and captured the imaginations of FCE’s supporters, the Rally Rabbit has been a mascot of the club’s courage and perseverance. The club has embraced their match day intruder with it’s third primary colour, White Rabbit.