The Collective

Do you have additional family members who would like to show their support with a home or away jersey, see their picture included on the fan mural/mosaic wall, receive a digital members crest and more? We’ve got you covered!

Take advantage of The Collective Family Add-On memberships now and get your whole family ready for The Island Games. Each Family Add-On comes with all of the benefits of a membership to The Collective and is the best way for your whole family to support your home club, and your league.

* Please note: This does not include additional OneSoccer subscriptions. Your 2020 OneSoccer subscription with your regular membership to The Collective can be used on multiple devices within the same household.
* You must purchase one full membership to The Collective before purchasing The Collective Family Add-Ons.
* Season Seat Members: Maximum number of add-ons is number of season seats in your account. For example, if you have 4 season seats, you can purchase 1 regular membership to The Collective at your season seat holder price and 3 Family Add-Ons.
* Non-Season Seat Members: Limit of 4 add-ons per non-season seat member account. For example, if you purchase 1 regular membership to The Collective you can also purchase up to 4 Family Add-Ons.

Current Season Members: A message was emailed to you regarding your 2020 Season Membership, and a Club customer service representative will contact you soon to help take you through the process of finalizing your 2020 FC Edmonton/The Collective Season Membership via Account Manager, and answer any questions you may have at that time. Or call 780-700-2600 during regular business hours and ask to speak to a representative.

The Collective is a National League supporters group activated through local chapters through your favourite club. It’s an exclusive membership program that allows supporters and fans to directly participate via a virtual season seat membership for the CPL’s “The Island Games”; the shortened 2020 season. It includes a OneSoccer subscription – the only place you will be able to watch every match of your favourite club. You’ll also receive many other exclusive benefits as a reward for supporting us when we need you the most. Purchasing The Collective helps us be able to put on the 2020 season.

No, you can purchase The Collective even if you are not a current Season Seat Member. You may love it so much that you become a Season Seat Member in your local market in 2021!

A ticket rep from FC Edmonton will contact you to help you through the process of finalizing your purchase of The Collective membership.

Yes, there are 3 options to purchase The Collective:


Your 2020 Season Ticket Membership will automatically transfer to 2021! Click here to confirm your 2021 Season Tickets and add in The Collective membership(s) for 2020. You’ll keep your same seats, they will be at the same price, and any 2020 season payments you had already made, can be put towards The Collective membership(s) that you are purchasing. If there is a balance remaining in your account, it will be applied to your 2021 Season Tickets. Pay nothing today and take advantage of our flexible no-interest payment plans!


Purchase The Collective membership(s) here using a credit card.


Schedule a call above with a FC Edmonton sales rep to discuss options for your account.

The biggest benefits come from joining The Collective before the 2020 season starts!!  However, you can still register for The Collective until December 26th, 2020.

Yes, your 2020 Season Ticket membership can automatically transfer to 2021!  Click here to confirm your 2021 Season Tickets and add The Collective for 2020, or you can contact FC Edmonton directly. You’ll keep your same seats, they’ll be at the same price, and any payments you had already made toward the 2020 season will apply. 

Contact FC Edmonton’s ticketing department and they can help reverse the charge on your credit card and apply your account credit.

The Collective is a one-time purchase for the 2020 season and no refunds will be given.

If you have any questions regarding The Collective, please reach out to We’ll respond as soon as we can. You can also contact FC Edmonton’s ticket department if applicable.

Yes, we can resend you your digital members crest. Please reach out to with your full name and club and we can resend you your digital crest.

Yes! The Centre Circle app is a great way to be kept up to date on your Club and the Canadian Premier League. If you are having difficulties with your app account please contact

If you do not want your image on any of The Collective murals, please reach out to our support line at with your name, email and club, and we will ensure your image will not be posted.

Please reach out to or FC Edmonton’s ticket department for more details.

If you purchase The Collective membership(s) for 2020, your subscription stays active until December 31st, 2020 and no further action is required. If you choose not to purchase a The Collective membership, your OneSoccer subscription(s) will no longer be active, and your subscription will be deactivated on August 10th, 2020*.

All subscriptions and codes will be deactivated as of January 1st, 2021, regardless if they have been redeemed or not redeemed. 

*We have extended the deadline for your OneSoccer subscription deactivation to August 12th, 2020.  

The family add on allows you to purchase additional The Collective memberships for any additional members on your season seat account at a discounted rate. These additional memberships enjoy all the benefits of a The Collective Membership including jersey, crest, and inclusion on the fan mural photo wall at your home stadium, but does not include additional 2020 OneSoccer subscriptions. You must purchase one full membership to The Collective before purchasing The Collective Family Add-Ons.